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X-Wing League

We hold a Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures League every 6 weeks. It's $5 to play, you are automatically paired up with 6 different players, and then you set the play times according to your schedule. Play one match a week or play more, it's all up to you! Our League is a great time for new players or experienced to meet up and play their favorite game! This is a casual play environment, but prizes are awarded to the TOP 3 Players (1st Place-$30 store credit, 2nd Place-$20 store credit, and 3rd Place-$15 store credit). The League is also the first place to find out about new and upcoming merchandise and tournaments. We hold 5 tournaments a year (one per quarter and then a store championship). This is open to BOTH men and women (yes, we have ladies who fly too) and we highly encourage you to invite your spouse/SO and friends! Here are few rules.


  • You must register every build you use before flying, each build must be no more than 100 points, you can only fly one faction at a time but may switch factions any time you would like (you don't have to always fly one faction for the entire 6 weeks), 
  • All scores are recorded and BOTH players sign off agreeing to the scores, if you win a match either by points or time the winner gets the automatic 100 points, no half points are awarded on small base ships only large base ships.
  • No epic ships allowed. 
  • If you cannot make your matches or fail to schedule them you will be given an automatic loss or you must forfeit (this is only if needed as a last resort and is determined by staff).
  • If you are caught knowingly cheating you will be asked to sit out of the next 6 week round of league play and disqualified from the league.​
  • Ties will be broken with a playoff.